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Address:   Via Tenda 11, Venezia (village Tessera)
Mobile ph. +39 388 9063779     Email:

Our bus stop is Tessèra Centro.

From this bus stop walk following the direction of your bus if you are arriving from the airport (if you arrive by bus from Venezia or Mestre walk in the opposite direction of your bus) and on the left side you will see:

first the Tobacconist, then the Pizza and Kebab take away, then after La Sosta cafe bar, the Pharmacy, after Al Quadrante restaurant then continue walk straight on the main road for a few more meters and you will see on the left side "Via Tenda", it means Tenda street.
Tenda street is a little BEFORE the big TITIAN INN Hotel.

Our guesthouse is a normal house, two floors with garden, color is green, in Tenda street number 11, left side.

"Tessera centro" bus stop is 3 minutes walking from my house.
rom my house to Venice 4 buses per hour until midnight, a great connection!



FROM Venice "Marco Polo" AIRPORT you can arrive in three different ways:

1)  By bus with line 5, 15 or 45H (Tessera Centro bus stop, almost immediately, it's the first one, last bus starts from the airport at 00.10)

2)  Walking in about 15 minutes (about 1 km,  check map down here)

3)  By taxi about 12 Euro (many services, like taxi, are expensive in Italy)


From MESTRE railway station with line 15 (Airport direction) in about 20 minutes, get off at "Tessera centro" (last bus starts from Mestre at 20.30 so it's MORE EASY to come here from Venezia "Santa Lucia" railway station because from there, there are buses until Midnight and forty minutes, here below details).

From VENEZIA "Santa Lucia" RAILWAY STATION you have to go to the bus station, Piazzale Roma (it means Roma's square).                                                                                                                                             Piazzale Roma is 100 meters from the railway station, you have only to exit the station, go to the right and accross the big new bridge (Costituzione bridge).
When you are in Piazzale Roma simply catch the bus number 5 (there are 4 buses per hour, one each 15 minutes) until midnight and forty.
You have to get off the bus at "Tessèra centro bus stop", you can ask the bus driver to tell you when "Tessera centro", it's the bus stop before the airport.
You have to buy a “Normal Bus Ticket”, it costs 1 euro and 30 cents at Tobacconist's or News agent kiosk, on board the bus it costs 2 euro and 50.

Line 5 runs day and night and connects the Airport to Venice historical center.
Line 15 connects Airport to Mestre railway station.
Both lines stops in Tessera Centro.


Here down map to come here from Venice Airport (click on it to ENLARGE IT)


Map from Venice airport to Tessera village


Here down the satellite map of the first half of the way, follow the green arrows.

(click on the image to ENLARGE it)

Venice airport  map


Map of Tessera village if you are coming from VENEZIA S.L. RAILWAY station.
Map fo Tessera village if you come from Venice railway station

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