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             VENICE AIRPORT Map & Info

  Background's picture is the main hall of first floor (departures) with on the right side some check-in desk and the big timetable
Venice Marco Polo Airport (aka Venice Tessera airport, IATA code: VCE) is an international airport located on the Venice mainland, close to the lagoon (the two runways are built ON the lagoon).
The name of    the   airport was   chosen in honour of Marco Polo, a Venetian merchant traveler who introduced Europeans to Central Asia and China.
It's the fourth busiest airport of Italy by passenger traffic, the 49th in Europe (8.620.000 passengers in 2011)


Click on the image below to enlarge it and get technical data of the airport.

As you can see in the picture the terminal area is 53.000 square metres and in the airport area (360.000 square metres) there're 6.200 parking places.
The airport has one terminal divided in three floors.

Here there're the Arrivals with:
on the left side (arriving from the disembarking zone) the Public Transport Ticket Offices and the Car Rental. 
In the middle of    the    terminal there's  main exit and just a little before the stairs - lift to the Departures floor.
On the right side  (always arriving from the disembarking zone) there are a cafè bar, the First Aid (red cross sign) and the Left Luggage.
This baggage storage costs 6 Euro per maximum 24 hours, one-price and the working hours are from 5.00am to 21.00. For oversize baggages it costs 12 Euro.
Out of the ground floor under the porch there're two parallel roads.
In the first one there're the taxi on the left, 35 Euros a ride to Venezia.
Continuing for about 500 metres over the taxi you'll find the waterbus Alilaguna (ticket purchasable inside the
arrival hall).
In the second of the two parallel roads you'll see the buses, arrive here bus line 5, 15 and 4 and also a private bus company (ATVO). Below in transport section all the timetable 2012 and 2013.

Here there're the Departures with 64 check-in desks, a restaurant, two banks and airlines ticket offices.
In the middle of the hall there're metal detectors with police control to have access to Post security area with duty free, restaurants and gates.
There're also two or three Luggage Wrapping service points, price is 9,90 Euro.
On ground and first floor there're Wi Fi (SSID Guglielmo Venice Airport) and Wi-Fi kiosks but not for free, we're in Italy^^. Wi-Fi kiosk are equipped with also a printer and they costs 20 cents per minute, quite expensive.
On Venice Airport Photos and Tips webpage there're photos of all these services (luggage wrapping points, Wi-Fi kiosks, etc..)

Here offices of airlines, Enac, Save (the public company that manages the airport), VIP lounge and prayer room. Also there're two terraces to see aircrafts to land or take off but it's 2 years they're closed to the public.

In my garden I've got places for three cars, fenced in, it's free for my guests. In front of my house there're other places.
Contact me for further information.

In the airport area there're many parking, some covered. The airport manage all these.
Here below the Venice airport map with terminal, parking and waterbus stop description.
Click on the image to ENLARGE IT

Venice Marco Polo airport map in Tessera. Code VCE
Exactly in front of the Departures Entrance there's the STOP & GO park, it's a little one, free the first 10 minutes, but after those 10 minutes it costs 10 Euro per hour.
In the airport area the Park 4 is the cheapest for Long Stay, it costs 5,50 Euro per day or fraction.
It's uncovered, about 400 metres from the terminal.
The cheapest for Short Term is the "Sosta Breve park", it costs 2 Euro per hour. It's in front of the terminal, just 50 metres from it.
Here the link with more detailed information: Venice airport Car Park.

Outside the airport area there are other parking, one that seems to have good success is
FlyPark Venezia.
It's cheaper;), 4.50 Euro per day outdoor, 8 Euro per day indoor.
It is located far 2 km but it has free shuttle bus to the airport.

TRANSPORT  (info updated on   April 2014)
You can reach the airport by car or bus (no train or metro).

The airport is:
1 km  from my house (that is silent!)
12 km from Venice historical centre (Piazzale Roma, 11km to Venezia Santa Lucia railway station)
30 km from Lido di Jesolo (one of the most popular beach area of Italy)
45 km from Padua (Padova)
120 km from Verona
150 km from Cortina d'Ampezzo (popular winter sport resort)
150 km from Trieste (nearest Italia city to Croatia and Slovenia)
200 km from Slovenia
250 km from Croatian coasts

From the airport it's possible to reach:
       by bus 5 (here timetable updated April 2014), 15 or 45N, from 4.30am until 1.00am in just 1 minute (the first

VENEZIA historic centre (Piazzale Roma, close to Venice Santa Lucia Railway Station)
       by bus number 5 of Actv company (the first stop, Tessera Centro, is 100 metres from my house).
       There're 4 buses per hour from 5.40am until 23.00.
       Also ATVO bus company connects airport with Venice, express service (no stop
) here prices and timetable (2
       buses per hour).               
VENEZIA MESTRE Railway station
       by bus number 15 (Actv),
here the timetable (2 buses each hour until 9 pm).
       There isn't a bus connection from Venice airport to Treviso airport. You know, sometimes public companies
        aren't enough intelligent to understand that a bus connection between near airports could be useful.. :)
       Then from Venice airport you have to go in Venice Piazzale Roma (by bus number 5) and there catch a bus
       to Treviso airport, Atvo bus,
here timetable.
       by Atvo bus, here
winter timetable (about one bus per hour from 6.00 to 21.00)
PADUA (Padova)
        by FsBusItalia/Sita nord, here the
timetable. Note that on the timetable you can find "Tessera aeroporto", it  
        means Venice airport. The "Padova autostazione" stop is the bus station close to Padua railway station.

there isn't a direct bus connection between Venice airport and Verona.
       Then you have to go to Venice Piazzale Roma by bus (busline 5), there across the new Calatrava bridge  (aka
       Ponte della Costituzione) and walking just 100 metres you will be in Saint Lucia railway station (it's the railway
       station in Venice historic center). There catch a train for Verona Porta Nuova. There're more than 1 train per
       hour for Verona ( Regional train are the cheaper (6 Euro), Freccia train instead are faster
      (about 1 hour trip) and cost minimum 9 Euro per ticket.
       You could also catch the train for Verona in Venezia Mestre railway station but Venezia S. Lucia is more near 
       and more easy to get there.


       by Cortina Express bus, here
autumn/winter timetable (about one bus every 2 hours, from 11.00 to 20.00)
It's the nearest Italian city to Croatia (Hrvatska) and Slovenia (Slovenija).
You have to go to Venezia S. Lucia railway station (read on Verona details about how to get there) and then
     catch a train for Trieste, there're about 1 train per hour (
SLOVENIA (Ljubljama, Maribor, Koper, Portoroz, Izola and Piran)
     If you have to go in one of those Slovenian cities/resorts you can go to Ljubljana by train or maybe better catch
     a GoOpti bus, they do a great job. GoOpti is a low cost Slovenian transfer company offering cheap connections
     between Venice airport and Slovenia.
   Zagreb: by train from Venezia S. Lucia.

Link to official Venice Airport website.

Venice airport
Viale Galileo Galilei 30/1,
30030 Tessera - Venezia
Ph. +39 041 2606111

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July  2012 - ©
Update on April 2014


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